Best Washing Machine in India 2020 – Buyers Guide

top 10 best washing machine in india
best washing machine

In this article, we are going to list down the Best washing machines in India, if you wish to buy a washing machine definitely, you will be confused, because of plenty of products available in the market nowadays. So choosing the right washing machine is a herculean task, before your purchase you must have a clear idea about your requirement and consider many factors like whether you are going to buy a front load washing machine or top load washing machine and automatic or semi-automatic then you should consider no of persons in your family. Moreover, the availability of many kinds of washing machine overwhelmed you, but after reading this buying guide your shopping will be a piece of cake.

   So let’s get start with our list of 10 best washing machine in India.

Top 10 Best washing machine in India

1LG Inverter fully automatic front loading washing machine8kg1200check price
2IFB Fully automatic front loading8kg1400check price
3 Bosch Fully automatic front loading7kg1200check
4LG Inverter Fully automatic front loading 6kg1000check price
5LG inverter fully automatic top loading 8kg720check price
6Whirlpool fully automatic top loading7kg740check price
7IFB fully automatic top loading6.5kg720check price
8Samsung Fully automatic top loading6.2kg720check price
9LG 4star semi-automatic washing machine 6.51350check price
10Samsung semi-automatic washing machine7.21000check price

LG 8.0 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FH2G6TDNL42)

When we talk about washing machine you can’t skip the LG brand, they are the world-leading manufacturer of home appliances, LG is the first brand who use the advanced technologies in their products, for instance, direct-drive and inverter technology are only used by LG brand’s washing machine that’s why many of them consider this as one of the best washing machines in India.

LG front load washing machine


  • Fully automatic front load washing machine
  • 8kg capacity ideal for families of 5 and more people
  • Spin speed 1200 rpm
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Child lock

LG series of FH2G6TDNL42 is known for its best wash quality, this washing machine not only energy-efficient but also it saves your time.  It consumes a minimum amount of water and it is very crucial nowadays.

The 6 Motion Direct offers different kinds of wash program which automatically senses the fabric type and washes the clothes according to the types of clothes. Since it moves the wash drum in multiple directions it improves the wash quality so we can get ultra-clean result with proper care for our clothes.

The one more option loved by many people is the inverter direct drive, as the motor is directly attached with the drum it reduces noise and vibration moreover, LG is the only brand which offers this advanced technology.

 Some manufacture only cares for the life span of the product however, the additional key feature is stainless steel drum it ensures the durability of the washing machine and offers hygienic wash. The key feature of this product is, it removes any type of stain and gets rid of stubborn stains by heating the water up to 95deg Celsius.

If power cut happens while washing you don’t worry the auto-restart helps you to start the machine from where it stopped.

The baby care feature helps to remove enzymes and bacteria and be gentle with your baby’s clothes.

Child lock setting ensures the safety of your child.

  • The direct motor drive is awesome
  • Save energy, time, and water
  • In build heater
  • No vibration and noise
  • Little heavy compared with similar products

Final words

This washing machine can perform well both hard and salty water if your family members are five are more, we strongly recommend you to buy this best washing machine in India.

IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Senator Aqua SX, Silver, Inbuilt heater,)

IFB is one of the eminent manufacturers of home solutions that fulfil our needs, from the kitchen to bedroom they highly focused on getting rid of our everyday hassles, their washing machine is equipped with advanced features like stem wash and crescent Moon Drum that keep their stranded at peak among many consumers in India.

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  • The capacity of 8 kg is suitable for five and more people
  • The spin speed is 1400
  • 3D wash system
  • Good washing options

This IFB front load washing machine comes with the latest design and advance features; many reasons why this washing machine is the best choice, first of all, the unique air bubble wash which creates millions of bubbles to go deep into the fabric and remove the stubborn stains from the clothes.

Additionally, aqua energy feature converts the bio carbonate of water into crystals, so the hard water becomes enough soft to dissolve the detergents.

The key feature of this washing machine is the 3D wash system by using nozzles which circulate water in 360 degrees in the drum, so the detergent dissolves completely in the water and infiltrate to the clothes and deliver the excellent wash.

Foam control system diluted the foam after reaching the desired density and helps to maintain quality wash.

Extra care and clean for baby wears, the child lock helps to prevent your child to play with the washing machine.

If the voltage goes up or down below the safe level it pauses till the safety level reached.

  • High rpm ensures drier clothes
  • Fabric softener can be used
  • Easy to wash blanket also
  • The pre-soak option is available
  • The specific size of the tap is need while installation.

Final words

If you are looking for the best washing machine with advanced features this IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is a great pick.


Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK24264IN, Silver)

Bosch is the German brand which is known for their perfection and superior quality, their high-class workmanship in designing washing machine is appreciated.

bosh best washing machine
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  • 7 kg capacity ideal for families with 3 – 4 members
  • Spin speed is 1200 rpm
  • Express wash
  • Energy and time saver
  • Eco silence drive mode

Bosch brand washing machine is the best companion for washing your clothes because of its performance and excellent features; they know the value of your time hence, they offer Express wash program, due to this you can complete your washing within 60 minutes with pristine perfect.

The active water function limits the wastage of water automatically with multiple load sensors and also it levelled the laundry weight and fabric.

This is the perfect washing machine to save your time as well as money by reducing power consumption.

Furthermore, the option which we love more is Vario drum it is not only tough on stains but also gentle for your clothes, since the drum has enough space, the clothes can move all directions so that it delivers best washing result.

The experience of washing your clothes is very pleasant now because this washing machine is super silent, even you can do washing at night, and this washing machine has the ability to work on low water presser of 0.3 so you need not worry about if you have any water presser issue.

By enabling the child lock feature, you can prevent your child to change the settings.

  • Premium quality
  • Best performance
  • Best after-sale service
  • Save time, water and money
  • Spare parts are a little bit costly.

Final words

Go for it if you are looking for a fully automatic front loading washing machine for three to four members, this is the best washing machine for most Indian families.


LG 6 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FH0H3NDNL02)

LG brand won the hearts of many Indian consumers this LG 6 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine -FH0H3NDNL02 also not an exception. Their advanced technology always keeps the product at the peak among Indian customers.    

top 10 best washing machine in India
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  • Inverter technology washing machine
  • 6kg capacity suitable for couple and bachelors
  • 1000 rpm spin speed
  • 6 motion DD

The secret behind the success of this LG brand is they understand the customer’s expectation very well and try to fulfil their customers need as much as possible, for instance, The Direct Drive Technology is the sole reason for choosing the LG brand washing machine since the motor is directly connected to the drum without using belt or pulley it consumes less energy, enhance washing performance and durability moreover, it reduces noise and vibration.

Another key feature six motion DD technology which moves the drum in all the possible directions so you can get ultra-clean with proper care for the fabrics additionally, this technology washes the different types of fabric in different ways to get rich washing result.

The heater heats the water up to 60°C to get rid of any type of stains and allergens.

Your washing machine not only cleans your clothes but also it needs to be clean itself then only your washing machine will be spick and span for your next wash. If you put some tub cleaner and select Tub Clean Option, it will remove all the detergents and another residue. 

Also, stainless steel drum stands as a rust-proof it enhances the durability of the product, it leaves no rooms to bacteria and germs.

Baby care mode handles your baby’s clothes differently by keeping the water at 40 degree Celsius for fifteen minutes and raise up to 60 degree Celsius to remove enzymes and all residues. 

Some other features

During the power cut, auto restart helps to restart the machine exactly where it stopped.

The user-friendly touch panel is one of the awesome features of this washing machine.

The anti-rat cover keeps the rat and insects away from your machine.

  • Good washing quality
  • Super silent
  • Less consumption of power, detergent, and water
  • Don’t have an option for detergent liquid usage

Final words

This LG 6 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is an ideal pick for couples and individuals.


LG 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T9077NEDL1)

LG 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic washing machine is considered as one of the best top loading washing machines in India. This washing machine designed beautifully that gives excellent washing experience for you.

best top loading washing machine
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  • 8 kg capacity suitable for a large family
  • Spin speed 720 rpm
  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine
  • Inverter motor

This washing machine equipped with innovative inbuilt jet spray plus which helps to wash off even the most stubborn dirt and excess detergents from the clothes. Also, it saves water up to 70 litres.

Another key feature of this washing machine is turbo drum which offers the most powerful wash as well as it removes the toughest stains through the strong water stream which rotate and pulsate in the opposite direction.

 This washing machine builds with special Punch +3 Technology to get the best washing result. This technology generates a water stream in a vertical direction for moving clothes up and down in a repeated manner to present exceptional washing.

The durability of this washing machine is enhanced by BMC motor protection. This feature protects the appliance from dust, insects, and humidity. Another unique feature is the smart inverter motor which saves 36% energy. Since this washing machine is made up of stainless steel drum it does not rust or break and has a long span of life.

Tub clean option assist to keep the tub out of bad smell because this option sterilizes inner and outer tab thoroughly and gives you hygienic wash.

In case of any problem in your washing machine, you won’t wait for service person’s arrival the smart diagnosis helps you to figure out nearby 85 errors by connecting to the SmartThinQ app.

I’m sure you will love the smart closing door, it gently closes itself.

  • Well designed washing machine
  • Best energy saving washing machine
  • Save water and time
  • Turbo drum
  • No time adjustment for soak wash.

Final words

If you are looking for the best washing machine in India for a larger family, we strongly recommend you to go for this washing machine.


Whirlpool 7 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.0)

Are you looking for best top loading washing machine with best price, here you can find your ideal product, Whirlpool 7 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine which provides best washing experience.

whirlpool top loading washing machine
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  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine
  • 7 kg capacity suitable for 3 to 4 members
  • Spin speed 740 rpm
  • Two years warranty

The highlight of the whirlpool white magic elite is the spiro wash action. This function cleans the fabrics in a unique circular motion so you can get cleaner clothes at every wash. Since this washing machine equipped with Power scrub technology, it senses the hard water automatically and changes the wash cycle to deliver perfect wash.

This robust washing machine designed with 12 wash program for washing different type’s fabrics perfectly.

Known as the best washing machine in India, this whirlpool washing machine comes with easy to use 1-2-3 button control panel which allows you to use operate the washing machine easily.

Among these, the express wash is pretty efficient. It can wash your clothes 50% faster than regular wash cycle, so you can save your precious time. Even in the low water presser, this washing machine works efficiently because of ZPF technology.

This exclusive modal not only saves energy but also saves water considerably which is the most important things nowadays. Auto tub clean mode helps to clean the inner wall of the tub without wasting water; it reuses the water which is already used in the wash cycle.

if you have water scarcity in your place, use Aqua store feature which helps you to store enough water for your next wash.

  • Excellent washing
  • It is quite affordable
  • Best top-loading washing machine
  • Easy to operate
  • It is quite noisy

IFB 6.5 kg fully-automatic top-loading washing machine (tl-rdw 6.5kg)

IFB is considered one of the best washing machine brands in India. Many innovative features could satisfy Indian consumers,

IFB fully automatic washing machine
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  • Fully automatic top load washing machine
  • 6.5 kg would be ideal for families of 3 to 4 members
  • Spin speed 720 rpm
  • Excellent features like 3D wash
  • Four years warranty

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is specially designed for Indian families; this washing machine comes with eight different water level selections to make your work very easy.  The deep clean ensures your clothes looks like a new.

Crescent moon drum take care of your clothes from being damaged, in spite of hard wash. Furthermore, the Aqua spa feature treats your fabric gently and delivered fresh clothes every single time.

By the way, you need not worry about detergent crust because this washing machine equipped with inbuilt aqua energie filter which dissolves the detergent thoroughly and deliver clean and soft laundry.

One more feature that we like is, the innovative Triadic pulsator feature that offers quality wash by three simple steps, first, the soft scrub pads remove all sort stains from your clothes gently, second, the Swirl jet makes sure every corner of the fabric dirt-free, finally, through the mechanical centre punch action, the removed dirt flushes out that gives you fresh and hygienic clothes.

Dynamic 3 D wash system soaks your fabric completely to deliver quality and excellent wash. Additionally, the smart sensor automatically senses the weight load and change settings consequently, it saves water and detergents.

This washing machine automatically detects the voltage fluctuation and stops the machine until the power becomes normal.

  • Express wash
  • Excellent wash quality
  • Classy LED display
  • This product is noisy

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (WA62M4100HY/TL)

Samsung washing machine equipped with the latest technology to serve you with best washing experience, Samsung is an international brand, it won the hearts of many Indian consumers and their washing machine also one of the best brands in India.

samsung toploading washing machine
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  • Fully automatic top load washing machine
  • 6.2 kg suitable for couples and individuals
  • Diamond drum
  • Two years of warranty

Samsung is praiseworthy because of its powerful washing performance; since the stainless steel is used, the hygiene of the washing machine can be maintained. Its 6 blades gather more water to remove dirt effectively.

Air turbo technology frequently rotates the drum to extract more water for excellent washing.

The magic filter collects the dust like lint and fluff from your clothes and keeps your dresses clean as well as it protects your drainage from clogged.

Eco tub clean technology keeps the washing machine clean and fresh without using any chemicals, moreover, this washing machine automatically notifies you when it needed cleaning.

Diamond drum reduces the possibility of damages for your clothes, and ensure durability.

The design of tempered glass and blue LED display is quite attractive.

  • Impressive wash quality
  • Powerful motor for rotation
  • Powerful filters
  • More water is required.

LG 6.5 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P6510NBAY)

LG brand is always trying to give the best result for their customers, they also try to fulfil different kinds of needs of many Indian families, this LG 6.5 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is best among one of them.

LG semi automatic washing machine
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  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • Capacity 6.5kg ideal for a large family
  • Four-star high energy efficiency
  • Spin speed 1350 rpm
  • Two years of warranty

This washing machine is equipped with normal pulsator which rotates the clothes very effective manner to get perfect washing experience, the key feature of this washing machine is 3wash program as gentle, normal and strong, you can choose any one of the options depending on the types of your fabric type.

Since its tub capacity is 5.5kg which ensure faster drying of your clothes and it saves a lot of your precious time and efforts. Additionally, the lint collector collects all the lint which is come out from your clothes so it prevents clogging of the washing machine.

Importantly, the spin shower system washes off the entire soap residue from the clothes and deliver ultra-clean clothes.

Cleaning the collar and cuffs is a piece of cake now because of the collar scrubber which removes the stains from the collar and saves time and effort.

  • Consume less water and electricity
  • Perfect washing
  • This washing machine is made of plastic.

Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT725QPNDMPXTL,Center Jet Pulsator)

Samsung brand washing machine is considered as one of the excellent washing machine brands in India, Samsung is known for its best quality and versatility.

best washing machine in India
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  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • 7.2kg capacity suitable for a family consisting of 3 to 4 members
  • Spin speed is 1000 rpm
  • Two years of Warranty

Samsung washing machine is the best semi-automatic washing machine in India. It has come with many attractive features to wash your different kinds of clothes,

Compared with an automatic washing machine it saves a lot of water because it has separated dryer and washer. Also, it is not compromising in washing quality.

Due to the centre jet feature which generates water from the centre of the pulsator, it delivers effective washing. The air turbo drying system helps the clothes to dry faster.

The inbuilt scrub board helps to washes off stubborn stains from the fabric. Moreover, the lint filter collects loose threads, hair and lint and prevents them from staying at the bottom of the washing machine.

Two-way inner handle helps to move the machine easily from one place to another place.


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How to choose the best washing machine? – Complete buyers guide.

After deciding to buy a washing machine for your family, you have to consider many factors then only you can choose the best washing machine which fulfils all of your washing needs.

Let us see all the factors in a detailed manner

Firstly, you should consider the capacity of the washing machine; choose the appropriate capacity washing machine as per your family members. Below image will help you to understand for purchase the exact washing machine for you.

capacity of washing machine

what is the different between Front-load and top load washing machine? 

First and foremost front load washing machine is expansive when we compared with the top load washing machine, but according to efficiency front load washing machine is always superior. Moreover, you can’t add clothes in the midway of the wash cycle, but now this option is available in some brands like Bosch, Samsung and IFB.

Importantly, the front load washing machine needs at least 1 bar water presser that means the water tank should be placed at least 17 feet above, but in India, it is not a big issue. And water consumption is low compared with front load washing machine.

The top load washing machine is ergonomically friendly since it is in a vertical position. if you have a bad back better you go with top load,

Finally, if you have a larger family with tiny kids and the chances of getting stains are high, and if you are very concern with clean clothes, without any second thought you can go with front load washing machine.

Otherwise, bachelors and family which is consisting of 2 to 3 members, front load washing machines are advisable. 

front load vs top load washing machine

what is the difference between automatic and semi-automatic washing machine?

If you wish to buy the top load washing machine then you will have two options semi-automatic and fully automatic. Let’s see both washing machines in a detailed manner.

Semi-automatic washing machine

It has two tubes one is used for washing and another is for drying so it is wider in size. Here you need to transfer the clothes from washer to dryer manually. The good news is this kind of washing machine is available in the market pretty cheap and you can afford it from 5 to 10k. In the semi-automatic washing machine, you have to pour water to the washing machine and you alone take care of maintaining the proper water level, compared with fully automatic it takes more time to wash the clothes, washing quality also poor while we compared with fully automatic washing machine.

Fully automatic

Fully automatic washing machine requires no manual action, it is more convenient and time saver but it uses more power than semi-automatic, because of its more functions. This washing machine offers you many advanced features. You can expect quality wash from a fully automatic washing machine.

Finally, choose the fully automatic washing machine is a better idea, if you do not wish to spend much money on washing machine then you can go with semi-automatic washing machine.

semi automatic vs fully automatic washing machine

Inverter technology in the washing machine

The smart washing machine is now a day’s very popular among the users; let’s see what smart washing machine is and what the benefits of this washing machine are.

inverter technology in best washing machine

Washing machines with inverter technology are called a smart washing machine, generally, washing machine runs in the same speed irrespective of fabric loads. So, the electricity bill can be high whereas the inverter technology washing machine senses the overall loads and runs depending on loads of the washing machine so the possibility of power consumption might be reduced.

Another positive side of inverter technology is it produced very low noise because of the lack of moving parts in the washing machine.

Since the motor is attached directly without using pulley or belt, the life span of the washing machine is extending to a long life. The excellent part of inverter technology washing machine is it is perfect washing quality. Nothing can stand before the inverter technology washing machine. 

we believe that this article would help you to choose the best washing machine for your family, for any further queries kindly mentions us in the commend.


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