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let’s see the Best AC brand in India, Since India is in the tropical zone the climate is very hot most of the time around the year, your daily routine is severely affected by the scorching summer, as you know it is also causing many health issues and so people looking for a solution to have a comfortable life.

The air conditioner is the greatest gift of modern technology which solve the raising temperature problem, once the air conditioner considered as luxurious but nowadays it has become necessary,  

Best air conditioner brands in India.

The maximum number of Indian people strongly believes the brand value. In other words, consumers trust the brand more than the products. Due to the heavy competition now a day’s premier air conditioner brands keep on improving their quality to reach their zenith in the market, these kinds of competition among the brands is truly benefiting the consumers.

Here, we are going to pick the best air conditioner brands in India which are innovative, economical, and sleek designs.

Hitachi AC Brand

Hitachi ac brand, Best ac brand in India

Johnson Control Hitachi is a premier Japanese ac brand which is started in 1910 as an electric motor company. It established itself as a joint venture in 2015 and then its gradually growing like a giant in the Indian market.

This company manufactured both windows and split ac, they are designed innovatively, Hitachi is known for not only its high performance but also the durability. At present they have 600 service centres around India

Key features of Hitachi

  •  iSee and iSense Technology 
  • 4-way Swing 
  • Auto Humid Control
  • Powerful Mode and Supercool Mode
  • Stainless Steel Coated Filter with iClean Technology

Hitachi is suitable for 

  • One who looking for premier AC brand
  • One who can afford the higher price
  • If you are expecting long-running durable air conditioner 

Voltas AC Brand

Voltas is the most trusted and oldest Indian brand, they are specialized in manufacturing air conditioners. The company was established on 6th September 1954 in Mumbai. They are offering high-performance ACs,

producing best quality products they become the market leader, different kinds of models like split AC, window AC, and inverter AC are manufactured by them, they offer you wide range of features like a dehumidifier and intelligent heating features which offers you the comfortable weather inside of your room. They fulfil the needs of residential and commercial users at a reasonable price. 

Key features of Voltas

  • Turbo Cool Mode
  • Dehumidification mode
  • Hydrophilic Fins

Voltas is Known For

  • Affordable price 
  • Number of service centres
  • Trusted brand among Indian customer

Carrier AC Brand

carrier ac brand, best ac brand

This is the American air conditioner brand they are known for making first air conditioner in the world in 2012 they joined with Chinese AC manufacturer Midea to venture into the Indian market, they offer wide range of AC models ensuring maximum cooling performance with eco-friendly products, carrier produce the world-class best quality Air-conditions which impress many Indian consumers. 

Carrier AC technology

  • Refrigerant Leakage Detector
  • PM 2.5 and Anti-VOC Filter
  • cleanser with Additional Filter
  • 4 Way Swing for Thorough Cooling
  • NextGen Dehumidifier

Carrier is known for 

  • Instant cooling
  • Durability
  • Consume low power than any other products

Blue star AC Brand

Blue star ac brand in india

The blue star is an old Indian air conditioner brand which is founded in 1943, they are the leading AC manufacturer both in commercial and industrial area, blue star reached every nook and corner of Indian cities, one in every three commercial building you can see the blue star AC because of their innovation and comfort cooling.

After Voltas the blue star is the most sought after brand in India. They consider not only cooling capacity but also environmental responsibility by using eco-friendly R32 and R410 refrigerant.

Blue star AC technology

  • Smart Control 
  • 4D Wide Angle Airflow with Direction Control
  • Hot and Cool ACs
  • 7 Filters with Auto-Clean 

Why should we choose the Blue star 

  • Specially designed for Indian climates 
  • Easy installation 
  • Best service after-sale

Daikin AC Brand

Daikin the best ac

Daikin Industries, Ltd is the fast-growing AC manufacturing company, it is a Japanese company Dakin is the word’s leading Air Conditioning Company, and they are producing best class air conditioners with mesmerizing features, exceptional cooling performance great energy-saving with sleek designs.

They are the inventor of variable refrigerant volume (VRV) the worlds first split AC was made by Dakin, they contribute the society by using eco-friendly R410A refrigerant.

Daikin AC technology 

  • 3D Coanda Airflow
  • Power Chill Mode assisted with Dual Flap Flattening
  • Stabilizer-free Operation

Why should we choose Daikin 

  • For better after-sale support 
  • Budget-friendly and optimum cooling

LG AC Brand

LG india

LG electronics inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics company which is the most popular brand in India they are the second-largest AC distributor in India, due to its quality, innovation and best service LG is trusted by many Indian consumers.

since LG is manufactured with various special features it changes its cooling speed according to the body metabolism, LG is the first brand which introduced the inverter AC in India, it controls two-third of the Indian market. They offer both split and window AC their gold fin technology ensures product durability and maximize the efficiency of the Air conditioner. 

LG AC technology

  • Himalayan Cool Technology
  • Monsoon Comfort
  • 2-in-1 AC: Cooling and Heating
  • 4D cooling with 30 feet Airflow
  • Double Protection Filter

Why should we choose LG

  • Most trusted brands in India 
  • LG offers medium price to high price ac with optimum cooling 
  • Availability of Service centres in all major cities across the nation

Samsung AC Brand

Samsung air conditioner

Samsung is known for quality, versatility and its brand value, Samsung has made so many innovative changes like the revolutionary wind-free triangular design in its technology to deliver maximum cooling, this AC comes with larger v-blades and a bigger fan this design offers the fastest cooling. Compared with its competitor the price is a little higher.  

Samsung AC technology

  • Dehumidification Mode
  • Full HD Filter with Auto-Clean Functionality
  • Goldfin Technology
  • 8 Pole Inverter 

Why should we choose Samsung 

  • If you can afford the highest price 
  • If you are looking for sleek design

Whirlpool AC Brand

Whirlpool ac in india

Whirlpool is the American brand Air conditioner; they are producing good quality and innovative ACs their latest advancement of 6th sense technology offers smart cooling as well as save more energy. Whirlpool launched new models in 3d cool and fantasia series comes with dual fan compressor technology which enhances the fastest cooling, their App control feature is loved by everyone if you have a medium budget and expecting energy saver product you can go for whirlpool. 

Whirlpool AC technology

  • IntelliComfort technology
  • 3D Cool Extreme Technology
  • Dual Fan Compressor Technology 
  • 4-in-1 Filtration

Why should we choose whirlpool 

  • App control feature
  • Low operating voltage
  • Advance technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D cooling technology in the Air conditioner?

3D cooling technology works with 3D cool inverter compressor used to circulate the cooling every corner of the room, the room temperature is automatically sensed by the intelli comfort technology and adjust the cooling speed for getting optimum cooling.

Which one is the best bluefin or gold fin condenser?

Condenser coil plays a vital role in the functions of the air conditioner generally, condenser coils are subjected to corrosive and damages, to protect the coils from the damages they coat them with anti-corrosive materials, thus two types of coating are made by manufacturing companies the first one is bluefin second one is gold fin most probably gold fin is better than bluefin it can protect from acidic, salt and water on the coil. also, it is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

What is inverter technology in AC?

The inverter technology is firstly used by LG Electronics, the normal AC can’t change its speed but the inverter technology is used to controls the speed level of the compressor according to the room temperature, so we can save more power at the same time without compromising cooling.

Also you can see best inverter AC


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