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How to choose the best English grammar book?

There are so many English grammar books available in the market to fulfil the needs of all kinds of people, no matter whether you are a student, job seeker or professional those who want to improve their language, this article will help you to choose the best English grammar book as per your expectations.

Being a global language English is being learned by all over the world. Good at English gives you many opportunities to get jobs both India and abroad. Everyone wish to speak English like a native speaker.

Grammar plays an essential role in both written and spoken communication.

Learning English grammar will help you to communicate properly and gives you more confidence to speak naturally.

The advantages of learning English grammar will reduce the number of mistakes which most probably committed by non-native speakers.

Moreover, all the competitive examination contains English as one of the major subjects. If you want to crack any competitive exam in English, you must pick the best English grammar book.

Let’s see the best book for learning English grammar.

1. High School English Grammar and Composition Book

best English grammar books
  • Author: Wren and Martin
  • Language: English
  • Suitable for: school children, beginners
  • Pages: 420

Wren and martin’s high school English grammar &composition is one of the eminent grammar books in English, which is used widely as the best reference book on English grammar. It gives the depth information about the language and its functions.

This book covers almost all the areas of grammar required for students and beginners. Two verities of editions are available in the market the regular edition and multicolour edition; the multi-colour edition is more children friendly which are filled with many illustrations that inspire your kids to learn grammar easily.

This book explains every topic in a crystal clear manner, and this is the best book for those who wish to learn basic grammar in English. This book classified into two parts. the first part covers all the grammar parts, and it contains 43 chapters. The second part covers composition including transformation and synthesis, correct usage, the structure of the language and written composition.

Finally, we strongly recommend this grammar book for those who wish to learn the fundamentals of English grammar and for school students. This book is designed perfectly to enhance your interest and knowledge in English grammar.

This book is preferred to learn basic grammar only if you are looking for an advanced grammar book you can go for another book which we mention in this article.

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2. Word Power Made Easy

word power made easy

  • Author: Norman Lewis
  • Improve vocabulary skills
  • Best book for all competitive exams
  • Simple and power technique
  • Easily understandable language
  • Review exercises

Are you preparing for CAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and other such exams? Then this book is the ultimate guide to crack these kinds of examinations.

If you wish to learn English grammar then this book is not for you, go for an English grammar book like wren and Martin. This book is highly helpful to improve your vocabulary.

This book is inevitable to clear Test of English as a foreign language TOEFL, an important exam to secure admission in overseas universities.

The author Norman Lewis uses many simple techniques to improve your vocabulary power and word skills. Also, many idioms are explained in a detailed way. Each chapter has the review exercises that will help you to check your progress in language skill. This book is designed in an easily understandable language.

Moreover this book is not just students who are preparing for exams, also who are willing to improve their vocabulary and mastery over English language.

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3. Arihant English Grammar & Composition

Arihant English grammar

  • Author: SC Gupta
  • Best book for English grammar and composition
  • 550 solves exercises
  • Language: Hindi version
  • Contains question asked in competitive exam and mentioned it also

This is the best grammar book for competitive exam aspirants, besides helps to improve your proficiency in  English, this book teaches you the proper usage of grammar.

This book covers all the area of grammar, including, spelling rules, spotting error, idioms & phrases, word power, paragraph writing, report writing, letter writing, comprehension, etc.

All the explanation has been given in Hindi, if you don’t know Hindi then go for some other grammar books. This is the best grammar book for Hindi medium students, simple and comprehensive explanation allows students to understand effortlessly.

This book has both grammar and composition, many examinations check our composition skill along with grammar, many examples and exercises make this book easy to understand the concept.

Composition part is excellent you don’t want any other book for clearing the written paper.

Finally, this is the best pick for Hindi medium aspirant, who are preparing for bank exam, UPSC and other exams will find this book useful.

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4. English grammar in use

learn English grammar

  • Author: Raymond Murphy
  • Bestselling book
  • Intermediate level
  • Easy to use

This book is perfect for self-learners, extra CD has presented for more practice.

This book is good for intermediate learners of English. If you are basic learners of English then this book is not suitable for you, go for books like Wren and Martine.

This book doesn’t contain parts of speech and tense. All the topics contain exercise to check your understanding.

If you know a little bit of English before, this book helps to shine your English.

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5. Descriptive English

best English grammar books in India

      English is the primary medium of many competitive exams in India, English is not only widely spoken language but also it plays a significant role in our modern education system.

The author designs this book to enhance writing and comprehension skills for preparing various competitive exams.

The simple and expressive language of this book made it very easy to understand the concepts, with plenty of practice materials to practice grammar, verbal comprehension and writing skills help you to crack much higher grade examination.

This book is highly recommended for competitive exam aspirant especially for writing written papers, and this book covers all aspects needed to write descriptive based papers for all entrance exams.

All exercise in this book has answer key.

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6. Intermediate English grammar – Best English Grammar book

best English grammar book

Needless to express the importance of the English language that is globally accepted, thus many people today starving to polish their English.

This intermediate English grammar book will help you to improve your language skill as well as enhance your confidence that would all you to speak English fluently.

This book is organized well and cover all the important topics of grammar the pattern of this book is awesome because all the explanation has been given in left-hand side and practice exercise was given in right-hand side this uniform pattern is followed throughout the book to lessen your confusion and learn quickly.

This book is greatly suitable for intermediate and advanced learners, this is a must-read book for learning English grammar every grammar rules is explained with pictures.

7. Objective English

objective English

This objective English book is most popular among the students and teachers for various competitive exams. The best part of this book is answering all the previous year questions.

The explanation is shot and clear which approaches the grammar in a systematic way,

This book is good for practice but the grammar section is not up to the level. English composition also ignored.

8. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS


Are you preparing for IELTS then this is the best book for you. This book provides plenty of questions for practice, and it comes with a CD to improve listening skill.

This book is very useful for not only IELTS but also for English user.

it is easy to study and practice on your own.

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9. Key to wren and martin’s regular and multicolour edition of high school English grammar and composition


This is the best book to enhance your English grammar with detailed explanation; this answer key will help you to clarify your doubts if you already bought wren and martin English grammar and composition.

10. Advanced English grammar

advanced English grammar

This book is highly useful for the advanced level user, it explains grammar in concisely, this book is focused on the advanced level of topics and each section contains a practice question to check our progress.

Due to the comprehensive and challenging exercises, this book considers as the most informative and enjoyable grammar book.

This book is good for advanced level learners.

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