10 Best Front Loading Washing Machine in India- 2020

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If you are looking for the best front loading washing machine In India then you’re in the right place.

Nowadays, washing machines become part and parcel of our day to day life. There are different kinds of washing machines available in the market.

Semi-automatic washing machine, top-loading washing machine and front loading washing machine, very beginning semi-automatic washing machine rule the households but, now it is the time for front-loading washing machine.

Front loading washing machine gradually stepping into many Indian families now, because of its best performance and advanced technologies.

While you decide to purchase a front-loading washing machine, many questions will arise like,

  • Which is the best front loading washing machine?
  • How to choose the best washing machine?
  • What are the advantages of the front loader washing machine?
  • What are the best brands for washing machine?

In this article we are going to find the answer for all these questions.

What are the advantages of the Front loading washing machine?

  • Top notching Performance
  • Uses less water, energy, and detergent
  • Many awesome features that enchants you
  • Most powerful and effective washing machine
  • No damages for clothes
  • Durability
  • Less noise while washing
  • Ultimately, Most convenient washing machine

Best front loading washing machine brands in India


LG electronics is the most trusted brand in India, and they are the multinational electronic company Especially they are the pioneer in using advanced technologies in the washing machine, for instance, the direct-drive technology that is exceptional.


while we are talking about the front-loading washing machine, we can’t skip the Bosch brand, because they are also one of the top brands in India, their german build quality outstanding. apart from that, they are using some innovative technologies such as VarioDrum, ActiveWater Plus, EcoSilent Drive.


IFB also one of the most popular brands in India. they are the first brand who introduced the first front loading washing machine in India. after-sales service also in the satisfied level. they are using many unique technologies. like Air bubble wash, Cradle wash, Aqua Energie, Ball valve Technology, Crescent Moon Drum, 3D wash system.


Samsung is the South Korean company, features like Eco bubble, Eco Drum Clean Technology, Diamond Drum’s, Wobble Technology enhances the washing quality and deliver clean clothes moreover it increases the hygiene of clothes. 10

10 Best front loading washing machine in India

1. LG – FHT1409SWS, STS-VCMElite pick
2. IFB – Executive Plus VX IDBest performer
3. IFB – Senator WXSBest pick
4. Bosch – WAT 2846SINPerfect build quality
5. Samsung – ww80J4243MW/TLBest budget friendly
6. Bosch – WAK24168INValue for money
7. LG – FH2G6HDNL42Feature-Rich Washing Machine
8. IFB – Senorita SXBest for small family
9. LG – FH0FANDNL02Small and Compact Washing Machine
10. Samsung – WW60R20GLMA/TLHonorable Mention

1.LG Inverter wifi fully automatic – FHT1409SWS,STS-VCM

LG is one of the most trusted brands in India, many Indian households have at least one or two LG products. Their washing machine also, one of the best home appliances for us.

lg best front loading washing machine
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  • Fully automatic front loading washing machine
  • 9kg capacity ideal for families with 8 to 10 members
  • Spin speed 1400 rpm
  • SmartThinQwith Wi-fi
  • 6 Motion DD
  • Turbo wash
  • Slim size

LG offers advance technology in the washing machine. This washing machine is equipped with powerful steam which helps to remove the hard stains effectively. furthermore, it helps to keep your clothes new and fresh.

Since the 6 Motion direct-drive Technology rotates the wash drum in various directions. it enhances the proper care for your fabric and delivers quality wash. the inverter direct drive technology prevents noise and vibration from the washing machine because the motor is directly connected with the drum without using pully or belt.

The turbo wash feature ensures a fast and clean washing experience. moreover, it saves water and your valuable time. you can finish your washing within 60 minutes. this smart washing machine senses the type of your fabric and offers different washing programme as per the types of your clothes.

Hence the heater heats the water up to 60 degree Celsius, it removes the stubborn stains. additionally, the Wifi options enable you to operate your washing machine from anywhere.

the waterproof touch panel is a classy look. since this washing machine is made up of stainless steel, it not only prevents the machine from bacteria and germs but also ensures the long life of washing machine.

the child lock option prevents your tiny kids playing with washing machine.

Bottom line

finally, even though this washing machine is expansive it is worth to buy because of its best performance and variety of features. if your family members are more than 8 then this washing machine is a great pick.


2.IFB 8.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic (Executive Plus VX ID)

IFB is the most reputed Indian brand and front line manufacturer of the front loading washing machine.

IFB front loading washing machine
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  • Fully automatic washing machine
  • Capacity 8.5kg suitable for larger family
  • Spin speed 1400rpm
  • 14 Wash programs
  • Ball valve technology

This advanced washing machine comes with many fascinating features like 3D wash system, Express wash, Crescent moon drum, Air bubble wash, Foam control system.

This washing machine has a 3D wash system, it completely soaks the clothes in the water before starting the process of washing cycle. also, it takes much care for your lovable baby’s clothes so you will get extra clean.

Another noteworthy feature of this machine is the Air bubble wash which sends millions of air bubbles to go deep into the fabric to wipe out stubborn dirt from your clothes.

Furthermore, the express wash features specially designed for lightly soiled clothes it is a perfect option for your gym clothes. Thanks to the Cresent moon drum which offers the gentle wash for your clothes and prevents damages to your clothes.

Other useful features include Foam-Control system which controls the excessive foams to improve the wash quality; Auto imbalance system that identifies unbalanced clothes and redistributes to maintain uniform washing; High low voltage protection that prevents your washing machine from voltage fluctuation; Aqua energies filter treatment helps to dissolve detergent in the water that offers quality wash.

Overall, it is better choice for families contains 7 – 8 members.


3.IFB 8kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Senator WXS, Silver)

IFB is a well known Indian brand, they build their washing machine with the excellent build quality and they ensure durability too.

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  • Fully automatic washing machine
  • 8kg Capacity
  • Spin speed 1400
  • 4D Wash
  • User friendly Touch panel
  • 14 Wash Programs

IFB is worth to list down here because of its excellent features which enhance the wash quality. The innovative 4D washing system submerges the clothes in water to soak the clothes completely and ensure dissolve detergent at most possible way to get an optimum washing result.

If you wash daily, you can use the Repeat wash feature that keeps the same setting for your next wash cycle. The most useful feature of this washing machine is the Tub clean that removes all the impurities, bacteria and keep your machine away from unpleasant smell.

Another positive side of this washing machine is the Ball valve technology which, the floating valve flushing out water however retaining the detergent it uses less detergent without compromising the quality of washing.

The user-friendly White LED display is attractive there you can control all the features.

14 Wash program make this washing machine unique that offers you different kinds of washing.

Overall in terms of service, IFB stands first it is the best pick for families with 4 – 7members.


4. Bosch 8 Kg Fully Automatic (WAT2846SIN, Silver)

Bosch is probably well known German brand they designed many premium quality washing machines that are up to the level of your expectation.

Bosch Front loading washing machine

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  • Energy efficient washing machine
  • 8kg capacity
  • Spin speed 1400rpm
  • Foam detection system
  • Multible water protection
  • Excellent wash quality

The key feature of this washing machine is Active water which permits the required amount of water depending on the load as it uses less power you can save your electricity bill hugely the possibility of using water also very low.

Additionally, this washing machine can function well even at the low presser water at 0.3 if you have an issue with low presser water in your area, you can pick this washing machine.

Again, the foam detection technology which automatically senses the extra foam and intake sufficient water to dilute the extra foams that lead to quality washing.

Other interesting features include Express wash which reduces the time of washing and saves your valuable time; Reload function that allows you to add laundry in between wash cycle; Drum clean feature which removes lint and other detergent remain and, it keeps the drum clean and hygiene.

The child lock feature protects your washing machine from your child. User friendly larger LED display to ensure easy operation.


5.Samsung 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WW80J4243MW/TL)

Samsung also one of the top international brands and it is trusted brand in India they manufacturing electronics and home appliances since 1997.

samsung front loading washing machine
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  • Energy and water efficient
  • Capacity 8kg
  • Spin speed 1200rpm
  • Eco bubble technology
  • Eco drum clean

This Samsung washing machine is praiseworthy because of its economical price tag, with all the essential features. Another potential side of this appliance is, it is Eco friendly, and it has come with Eco-friendly features like Eco drum and Eco bubble technology. This Eco Bubble technology turns detergents into small bubbles, so it infiltrates clothes and eliminates stubborn stains easily. As it washes effectively even at the cool water, consumption of power reduced.

The bubble soak is another remarkable feature that soaks the clothes from top to bottom so all sort of stubborn stains is loosened and removed effectively, and it offers ultra-clean clothes.

Quick wash program helps you to wash lightly soiled clothes like gym wears that saves your precious time. The diamond drum ensures advanced fabric care.

Digital inverter technology built with strong magnets that ensure noiseless operation along with extraordinary performance. moreover, it saves electricity consumption enormously. Additionally, Smart check which is accessible with your mobile phone, allows you to detect and diagnoses problems at the beginning.

Finally, this washing machine is cheap while we compared with other 8kg front loading washing machines. if you are searching for budget-friendly front loading washing machine, we highly recommended this washing machine.


6. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic (WAK24168IN)

Bosch is known for their premium quality Washing machine so their contribution in Indian market is unshakable.

Best front loading washing machine
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  • Top performance
  • Premium quality
  • 7 kg capacity sufficient for 3 to 4 members
  • Spin speed 1200rpm
  • Active water

Bosch is known for its innovation and improved quality, for instance, the Active water technology, which senses the laundry load and adjusts the water level, it reduces the water usage. Importantly this feature saves you a lot of time.

Having big size drum than other washing machines, it ensures effective washing. Vario drum is designed with wave droplet mechanism treats your costly clothes gently.

if you have low water presser issue, don’t worry this washing machine works well even at the low water pressure of 0.3.

Also, this is a super silent washing machine you can wash even at night without any disturbance.

Other noteworthy features like, Speed perfect which reduce your wash time considerably and it saves 65% Time; Drum clean that keeps the drum out of lint and toxic residue; Anti-vibration design that reduces vibration and maintains stability.

Overall, this Bosch washing machine is a great pick for family with 3 to 4 members.


7. LG 7 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FH2G6HDNL42)

LG brand is appreciated for innovative features and they offer many novel features in their washing machine.

Lg front loading washing machine
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  • Fully automatic front loading washing machine
  • Capacity 7kg preferable for 3 to 4 members
  • Spin speed 1200rpm
  • 6 Motion DD
  • Quality washing

The key feature of LG washing machine is, 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology, which offers different washing programs to deliver ultra-clean clothes and senses fabric type smartly, then present different washes according to the fabric type.

Washing time has been reduced considerably by Turbo wash through this you can save up to 30 minutes, moreover, it saves energy and water. As the motor is directly attached to the drum without using pully and belt, there is no noise and vibration.

Since the heater heat the water up to 60°C, it remove stubborn stains and allergens.

This washing machine also cares about your baby’s clothes and performing different washing cycle as it keeps the water at 40°C and increased to 60°C to remove the enzymes, and bacteria.

During the power cut, this machine will start exactly where it stopped, and the child lock feature keeps your setting safe from children.

This washing machine made up of stainless steel which promises the durability of the machine.

Overall, the performance of this washing machine is quite satisfied, if you wish to buy washing machine with many features you can go for this.


8. IFB 6.5 kg (Senorita Aqua SX)

IFB offers best front loading washing experience, their build quality also excellent.

Top 10 best front loading washing machine
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  • Best washing performance
  • 6.5kg capacity
  • Aqua energy
  • 4 years comprehensive warranty

IFB offers special 3D wash system which uses a special water spray system to dissolve the detergent completely that removes dirt effectively. Hard water is not an issue because of the aqua energy filter, which turns the hard water into treated soft water, you can get perfect washing without damages in fabric.

Crescent moon drum has grooves on the drum surface so it prevents the damages in clothes and offers gentle wash.

The key feature of this washing machine is the Ball valve technology, there is a floating ball valve which allows only water out at the same time, it keeps the detergent in, this technology prevents wastage and enhances quality wash.

Thanks to Express wash which washes faster than normal wash cycle, it is ideal for your lightly soiled clothes.

Another noteworthy feature is, you can add more clothes in between the wash cycle.

Babywear option takes extra care for your baby’s clothes and it offers quality wash for your kid’s clothes. The Voltage protection protects the machine from voltage fluctuation and, it simply stops the washing machine if the voltage fluctuation occurs, it resumes the machine when the voltage becomes normal. Child lock option freeze the setting and protect machine form children play with it.

Over all, IFB is the best washing machine for small families.


9. LG 6 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FH0FANDNL02.ABWPEPL)

LG washing machine is equipped with many essential features that makes your washing experience as a pleasurable one.

BEST front loading washing machine

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  • Best wash quality
  • Energy and water efficient
  • Capacity 6kg
  • Spin speed 1000rpm
  • Direct Drive Technoloy

This LG FH0FANDNL02.ABWPEPL modal front loading washing machine comes with 6 Motion Direct Drive technology which offers powerful washing for your expansive clothes. Since the motor is directly connected to the wash drum, it reduces the noise level at most possible.

The washing drum rotates in multiple directions to give your clothes proper care with elite washing result. This washing machine can remove any type of stains as it heats water to 60° C. Also, it presents germs free clothes for your babies.

The power cut is not an issue you can resume the machine after power is back. If you have any problem with the machine you need not wait till the arrival of service engineers, you can diagnose up to 86 errors with the Smart ThinQ app.

Finally, the performance of this washing machine is flawless. It’s stainless steel ensure the long life of the appliance. We highly recommend this washing machine for individuals and couples.


10. Samsung 6.0 Kg Fully-Automatic 5 Star Front Loading Washing Machine (WW60R20GLMA/TL)

Samsung washing machine comes with amazing features which bring you peace of mind by relieving from hectic of washing clothes.

best front loading washing machine
buy at amazon
  • Fully automatic front loading washing machine
  • Capacity 6kg suitable for 3 to 4 members
  • 10 years warranty on motor
  • Spin speed 1000rpm
  • Digital inverter motor

Samsung 5 Star Front Loading Washing Machine is currently one of the best-rated washing machines in India that offer many special features to get perfect washing experience.

The Digital Inverter Technology makes this washing machine unique that deliver superior energy efficiency along with less noise and long-lasting performance.

Quick wash is another noteworthy feature of this washing machine that enables you to wash lightly soiled clothes like gym wears faster than normal mode. It saves you precious time and energy.

Furthermore, Diamond Drum Technology supports easy washing, This drum is designed with soft curl surface by Samsung, so it treats the clothes gently without compromising washing quality. This five star rated washing machine is energy-efficient which saves your electricity bill and also, it reduces harmful CO2 emission to lessen the risk of environmental threat.

Smart check option helps you to detect errors and provides easy troubleshooting solution.

We know that not everyone can afford an expansive washing machine, so we strongly suggest this pocked friendly washing machine those who looking for a washing machine with all the necessary features at a low price point.


Front loading washing machine – Buyer’s guide

If you wish to buy a Washing machine and your budget is affordable to buy a front loading washing machine, it is wise to choose the front loading washing machine which offers all the advanced features to experience the best washing. This washing machine is an ideal choice for a larger family and those who need to wash clothes often.

Advantages of Front loading washing machine

In terms of efficient washing, the front loading washing machine is unbeatable, and it is better than their top-loading counterparts. It has a larger loading capacity which allows you to wash more clothes than the top-loading washing machine.

Energy efficiency is the best part of this washing machine, it uses only one-third of the amount of water, energy, and detergent, while we compared with top loading washing machine.

Reliability of the front loading washing machine is higher than any other washing machine, so the possibility of repair is very low compared with top loader.

More number of wash programs are one of the best parts of this washing machine. Moreover, It is expert in washing your elegant clothes.

The noise level of this washing machine is significantly less, you can perform washing even at night.

Dis Advantages of Front loading washing machine

Initially, This washing machine is expansive, but in the long run, it is worth to buy because it saves you more money by cut down energy consumption.

Precautions to use the front loading washing machine


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